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Success Stories

"CROSSWALK Education has played a significant role in my son's success over the last three school years. Having a qualified and well-suited tutor has been critical not only for his technical skills but also for his level of accountability. Choosing CROSSWALK was the right move at the right time. My son is off to college in the fall and I am so grateful for the guidance he received throughout high school."
Mother, Pacific Grove

"I just wanted to let you know that my son passed the CHSPE! Many thanks to CROSSWALK and Chris. Chris is a fabulous teacher--my son really liked his approach to teaching Algebra. We really appreciated all of his help and he truly has a gift for teaching!"
Mother, Pacific Grove

"Although our high school-aged son has dyslexia, we trusted CROSSWALK to help him succeed. With CROSSWALK's assistance, he not only succeeded, but excelled. The highly qualified and professional tutors helped our child succeed in high school and relieved a lot of anxiety and pressure in our family."
Mother, Monterey

"CROSSWALK helped my son get a 5.0 on his AP Exam for AB Calculus. The tutor was able to meet with my son individually to work on his specific needs and the results speak for themselves."
Father, Carmel

"What a thrill it was to receive this comment from my son's Spanish teacher: 'Is this a different person in class?' With my son's unique learning difference, it was recommended that he skip Foreign Languages altogether. But thanks to CROSSWALK and the great team of Spanish tutors, Ariadna and Brooke, my son was able to get good grades as well as converse in class. Thanks for making the school year much more pleasant for our family - and we didn't have to give up sports!"
Mother, Pebble Beach

"I have seen tremendous success in the students that work with CROSSWALK. They are more confident speaking aloud in the language and have a better grasp of the written grammar and concepts."
Teacher, Pebble Beach

"CROSSWALK was always there when I needed it."
Student, Monterey

"My students who have worked with CROSSWALK tutors have improved tremendously in confidence and skill in Spanish. I highly recommend this service for students looking for remedial help, conversational practice or test-taking skills."
Teacher, Pebble Beach

"I really liked working with the tutors. They are nice people and good tutors - my teacher really noticed a big difference in my Spanish writing and speaking skills."
Student, Pebble Beach

"Brooke does an amazing job with SAT prep. My son was more prepared and confident in just a few sessions and he got into the college of his choice! CROSSWALK is a life saver!"
Mother, Pebble Beach

"CROSSWALK Education was a lifesaver for our family. Brooke and his staff gave my daughter the confidence and preparation she needed. She walked into her SAT knowing she had the tools for success."
Mother, Pasadena

Success Stories

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